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Welcome to my website! My name is Lennart Verheuvel and I am a wildlife photographer from the Netherlands. As of 2023 I can also call myself a Wildlife Photographer of the Year as my picture of a beeched Orca in the Netherlands won the category ‘Oceans the bigger picture’. Have a look here for the picture and the story behind it.

I have been a birder since I was twelve years old. It all started when I took a picture of a bird I had never seen before. I turned out to be Blackcap a common bird in the Netherlands that I had just never registered before. Before I knew it I was going to all kinds of different places to add more birds to my lifelist. On family vacations abroad I took the opportunity to look for all the birds that were uncommon or rare in the Netherlands. When I was twenty years old I went on my first dedicated wildlife trip dedicated to finding Polar Bears. I saw many Polar Bears and also some very cool bird species like Ivory Gull.

This trip made me realize that a mammal like a Polar Bear will just beat any bird even if it is one as special as the Ivory Gull. So I planned more trips targeted to specific mammals and I constructed a ‘lifegoal’ for myself: seeing all the species of wild cats in the world and photographing them. At some point I would also like to have seen all the species of bear in the world. Apart from that I always try to identify as many birds and mammals as I can and I will often also target specific birds or specific other mammals. Furthermore while I’m traveling I have the good fortune to be able to see the most amazing landscapes. As a photographer I simply can’t ignore those so there is also a special section on the website for that. Apart from those things I recently developed an interest in things living under water. I have bought gear to take pictures below the surface so I am also busy filling a separate section for these pictures.

I hope you like what you see here! I appreciate reactions in the comments on the website. You can also always contact me through Instagram, Facebook or of course by e-mail.

I offer my pictures for sale through artheroes.com. Go to the homepage for a direct link to my shop. If you are interested in a specific picture that is not on display there let me know. All my images are copyright protected and are not to be displayed anywhere else without my permission. Send me a message if you are interested and we can see if we can come to an agreement. I am happy to support conservation and education with my images so if you would like to use my images for that purpose without any commercial objective please send me a message and I will try to help you. 

You can find all my wildlife sightings on Observation.org. I really recommend this site to keep track of all your observations of any living thing. You can also see observations made by others which can be handy to plan your trip.

Other well-known websites are Ebird.org for birds and iNaturalist.org for many other living things.

Furthermore I really recommend Mammalwatching.com if you are interested in seeing mammals.

I recommend Waarneming.nl if you are interested in Dutch birds and other living things from the Netherlands and Dutchbirding.nl for Dutch birds.