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Monthly Archive June 2019

Torres del Puma’s

Two years ago I already started planning this trip, I always wanted to do a long trip after I had finished my studies at university. During that time my thoughts about what I was going to do changed many times, but eventually there was a plan! My plan is to visit three countries: Chile, Bolivia and Peru. Of course one goal is to work on my cat list, but I also want to improve my Spanish and of course I’ve got my eye on a few birds. The trip started at the most southern airfield of Chile: Punta Arenas. The goal of this part of the trip is Torres del Paine: a park that is supposed to be the best place in the world to see Puma’s.

An encounter with a pair of South-American Grey Foxes

Torres del Paine National Park is known for it’s Puma’s. Naturally they are the stars of the Park, but there are more nice animals to see! When we were walking around there we encountered a pair of South-American Grey Foxes. These foxes are pretty common in Patagonia, but they still look very nice! We had them in beautiful light too. I took a lot of pictures….

Patagonian landscapes

Patagonia has more to offer than just animals: the landscapes are pretty nice too! I also wanted to show something of that. Especially Torres del Paine offers some great views, both during the day and at night. See the gallery below for a selection of Patagonian landscapes!

Birds of Patagonia

The main purpose of my visit to Patagonia was seeing puma’s. That worked out fine, but of course I always do my best to see birds as well. Patagonia has some really cool specialties like Magellanic plover and Magellanic woodpecker. This blog however does not concern these species because I couldn’t find them… Luckily there were other interesting birds, I will show a selection of my photo’s of them below.