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Birds of the African garden

Birds of the African garden

Although the average Dutch garden does contain much birds then one might initially think, the African garden is something else. Here no Blackbirds or Finches but very different birds. In some ways the basis stays the same, they also have doves here, but there is al lot of stuff  on top of that.

First a very special one, the Grey Go-away bird, that gets its name from the sound it makes. A striking bird with a large crest.

Grey Go-away bird

Somewhat less spectacular, but still quite something is the Mousebird. Parakeet like birds with a very long tail and a crest on their head. The bird on the photo is a White-backed Mousebird.

White-backed Mousebird

More or less in the same field are the parrots. Parrots are also automatically associated with beautiful birds and the Meyers Parrot is not an exception to that. Especially the colour blue is quite something!

Meyers Parrot

Next there are the Sunbirds, beautiful birds that we sadly don’t have in the Netherlands but that occur more in the hotter parts of the world. I managed to get two species pictured pretty nicely and I saw two other species on top of that.

White-bellied Sunbird

Dusky Sunbird

Other small birds that can be found in the African gardens are weavers. Close to Okavango the beautiful Holub’s Golden Weaver can be found.

Holub’s Golden Weaver

The bird that leaves its mark the most on the African landscape is however the Sociable Weaver. They are sociable indeed, they build enormous nests where they stay all together. Those nests are truly gigantic!

Sociable Weaver

Of course there are also doves, A Ring-necked Dove looks a lot like our own Eurasian collared dove, a Red-eyed Dove looks also much the same but has a conspicuous red eye. A Laughing dove already has more colour on its feathers, but my favourite is still the Emerald-spotted Wood Dove. A little dove with very beautiful emerald coloured specks on its wings.

Ring-necked Dove

Red-eyed Dove

Laughing Dove

Emerald-spotted Wood Dove

I could keep going, because a lot of birds in Africa look great, but I think it’s easier to show the rest in a gallery. That makes the viewing also a bit easier. Of course I will put the information in the description!


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