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Stars of Andujar

Stars of Andujar

Today was my first day of what would be three days staying in a photo hide with the purpose of photographing an Iberian Lynx. The hides are located in Andujar in Spain. For the night I had the opportunity to sleep at the campsite not far from the hides. I initially thought this would be a regularly used camping, but apparently it’s not very common to go for the camping option during winter. I get permission to sleep in the kitchen of the building next to the camp site.

I make my bed on the large kitchen table to be a bit more isolated from the cold floor. Getting something cooked turned out to be something of a challenge. The pans are all dirty, but that is not such a big problem. More troubling is that they are all made out of almost a centimetre thick steel. Try to warm that up on a low gas burner! My plan was to cook some spaghetti and eat it with some sauce I’ve brought. So meat and vegetables go in one of the huge steel pans and for the spaghetti I have to think of something else. Finally the kettle turns out to be a great alternative for a cooking pan and the spaghetti is quickly cooked. About one and a half hour after arrival I’m finally able to eat a more or less hot meal. After some more struggle with the gas cylinder it’s finally time to go to sleep.

However when I look outside I know I’m not going to sleep just yet. The stars are very nicely visible and the scenery makes it definitely worthwhile to invest in some landscape photography. I am happy with the results!

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