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Owls of Borneo

Owls of Borneo

If you go looking for mammals at night, there are certain birds that you can also encounter: owls! Owls are never very easy to see, but if you put in a lot of hours, something always works out. I managed to capture five species really nice. Of the sixth: a Northern Boobook I didn’t get a good picture. Fortunately, we succeeded in seeing the most impressive species: a Barred Eagle Owl!

This is the largest owl in Borneo and it is also an endemic subspecies (ssp. tenuifasciatus). In my ten nights driving 7 hours a night through Deramakot I heard this owl quite often, but seeing him was not easy. In the end I only had one good sighting, but that was enough!

Barred Eagle Owl

Another species, which I encountered much more often in Deramakot, was the Brown Wood Owl. Not a bad owl to see either!

Brown Wood Owl

If you’d went up the Kinabatang River in a boat at night, you couldn’t miss the Buffy Fish Owl. Not a rare species, but certainly a beautiful owl!

Buffy Fish Owl

The species I put more effort into was the Oriental Bay Owl. We did not find it the first night, but thanks to the skills of the local guide, we did on the second night. What a beautiful little owl!

Oriental Bay Owl

Funnily enough, he succeeded the third night too, quite by accident just after we had also seen a Flat-headed Cat!

Oriental Bay Owl

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