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Sunda Leopard Cat

Sunda Leopard Cat

The Sunda Leopard Cat has recently been split by the IUCN Cat Specialist Group from Mainland Leopard Cat. This cat does not occur on mainland Asia and was a cat I expected to see in Borneo. As they were reported a lot in trip reports I expected to be successful for this cat and I was not disappointed. I saw my first in Danum Valley, but that went a bit fast. Luckily in Deramakot there were many good sightings.

The first one I saw in Deramakot was a bit at a distance, but with this picture I was quite satisfied.

Sunda Leopard Cat

After that we had some sightings of the animal in the high grass. A thermal camera came in handy sometimes then. Fortunately they are not very shy and that made them good targets for photography.

Sunda Leopard Cat

The best sighting however was this one.

Sunda Leopard Cat

This animal showed itself very well during five minutes, while it was looking around a bit. The cat was following an Island Palm Civet hoping to pick up some scraps after it. So while it is not a very rare or difficult cat it still feels good sometimes to get a really good look at one! After that I had some more sightings among which a pair that was calling to each other.

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