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Okavango at sunset

Okavango at sunset

After a week of driving through South-Africa and Botswana we’ve arrived at Okavango. There we can arrange to spend the night in the Okavango Delta. The plan is to go with a motorboat to a local village where we will step into small canoe-like boats, called mokoro’s. From there we will go further into Okavango. It’s already quite late when we finally arrive at the village with the mokoro’s. A traffic accident has caused some delay.

On the way up we see all kinds of nice birds. At the village we step into a mokoro. The advantage of being so late is that we are now entering Okavango with a setting sun. The experience is something else: around us we hear hippo’s growling, the calls of Black Crake and two Mars owls tumbling around each other. I can take some nice pictures too.

I can’t resist showing just a few more pictures of Botswana at night: a tree at night at one of our wild camping locations. That sure was a nice experience as well!

The day after we would go explore the area a bit more and we saw some nice mammals!

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