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Starry skies of the high Andes

Starry skies of the high Andes

We have two weeks in the high Andes to search for some special cats that live at these high altitudes. Here it is possible to drive by car up to 4500 meters which is higher than I’ve ever been. Since it’s the dry season there is no rain. Together with the remote location and the high altitude this makes perfect conditions for watching stars.

Specifically for that purpose I had, just before I went away, bought a second-hand Samyang 14mm lens. Not a lens that has all that modern stuff like autofocus or image stabilization, but it does have F2.8 with makes it very light-sensitive and 14mm gives a pretty wide angle. I don’t have much time to invest in nice astrophotography, but in between our nocturnal searchings I am able to get some nice results!

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